Compensation Policy


Once investigation has been completed and up to HT Delivery satisfaction, HT Delivery shall reimburse to you for any lost, stolen, damaged or destroyed goods transported by a driver subject to a maximum amount of up to:

     1.  Two times the transport fee per delivery (for non-corporate clients) or

     2.  Three times (for corporate clients that have a corporate account with HT Delivery) per delivery, or

     3. cost of the product (not  the product's selling price) whichever is lower or

     4. free re-delivery for the lost/damage product

The claim is strictly subject to the provision of proof of evidence to the satisfaction of HT Delivery such as collection statement, invoices.

To validate the damage claim, customer is required to physically return the affected goods/product to HT Delivery. Please attach photos/video to HT Delivery customer service department when reporting such case to HT delivery.

The reimbursement will be transferred directly to your HT Delivery e-wallet or your bank account in accordance your preference. By engaging HT Delivery services, you acknowledge and agree that:

    1. Receiver is responsible to inspect the product for any obvious faults, defects or damage before signing or accepting the delivery.

     2. In the case a receiver is not available to receive the goods/product at the originally designated shipment address, and instructed the driver to put the product at the a premise (original or new assigned address), once the driver has successfully put the product at the designated premise with proof (driver shall take photograph of the product together with the premise background), the receiver is liable for all risks for any lost, stolen, damaged or destroyed goods/product without prejudice.

     3. Once HT Delivery has received and confirmed the goods/products, the customer will receive their refund within 14 working days after the confirmation.

     4. Please report your goods/product claiming case within 2 working days after delivery. Our policy lasts 2 days. If 2 days have gone by since your acceptance of the delivery, unfortunately we can’t offer you a damage claim.

For the avoidance of doubt, in any event, HT Delivery’s liability shall not exceed the Compensation Limits even if there is both damage to a Delivery Item as well as a delay in its delivery of the Delivery Item and therefore you shall arrange insurance for the Delivery Item at your own cost if you require greater protection against the Delivery Item.

All of the original shipping cartons/boxes, packing and contents of the relevant Delivery Item must be retained until the claim is finalized and concluded. HT Delivery reserves the right to retrieve the damaged Delivery Item for inspection. You hereby agree that the ownership of the damaged package and contents of the Delivery Item are belonged to HT Delivery. 

Once compensation has been settled and it shall be final and conclusive settlement between HT Delivery and you. HT Delivery shall not be able to compensate for the damage if you fail to return the damaged Delivery Item.