Packing Requirement


HT Delivery only Accept Maximum 
The packing for standard parcels (Non Chilled, Non Frozen Products), chilled products (including fruits and same category products), frozen products (frozen seafood, frozen meat and other same category products).

All frozen products must be contained in a standard Styrofoam box in accordance to the market best practice. Senders are strictly advised to follow the security and packaging standard stated in  the following section. HT Delivery shall not be responsible for any damaged or quality deteriorating issue in the delivery process, if the security and packaging standard is not strictly followed.

Oversize and Overweight Box/Parcel (超重或超大的包裹或箱子)

HT Delivery only accept Total Weight of a box/parcel up to maximum 25Kg. For any overweight or oversize box/parcel, please contact our customer service to negotiate a special arrangement. (Availability is depend on the collection day condition, and there will be additional charges)
If your box/parcel is oversize or overweight without prior arrangement with our customer service, HT Delivery SHALL NOT responsible for any damaged or quality deteriorating issue in the delivery process .

和泰运输只接受总重量不超过25公斤的箱子或包裹。如果您的箱子或包裹超重或超大, 请联络我们的客服探讨当天可否特别安排。(能否安排得到要视当天收货的情况而定,另加收费)

Security & Packing Suggestion (保安与包装建议)

Step 1

 Put one layer of fresh ice + salt at the bottom of the foambox.

Step 2

Cover with one layer of old newspaper
(盖上一层旧报纸 )

Step 3

Put a bigger plastic bag on the ice+salt layer, then cover one more layer of old newspaper on top of it

Step 4

Arrange all goods properly into the box, remember to slot sufficient shock absorbent, if the products are easily damaged

Step 5

 Use cable tie to tie up the plastic bag

Step 6

Cover with one more layer of ice

Step 7

Cover with plastic wrap, seal the box

Step 8

Seal box with security type of tape

Step 9

 Or using security box packing belt