Pick-Up Service


The sender or authorized representatives must be at the pick-up address when HT Delivery driver is picking up the goods. Sender must check and confirm the parcel number and quantity. Once collection of all parcels/boxes has been completed, HT Delivery customer service shall send a collection statement to sender, it is sender responsibility to review the list and notify HT Delivery immediately if there is any discrepancy. If the sender fail to respond within one hour after the collection statement has been sent out, it is by default sender deemed to have agreed with the collection statement. HT Delivery reserves the right to refuse any loss claim or damage claim if sender failed to notify HT Delivery customer service within one hour after the collection list has been sent out.

HT Delivery reserves the right to refuse a pick-up service for given reason, such as insufficient packaging (less than 5 items) or situational circumstances (include but not limited to traffic condition, natural disaster, pandemic and etc.), or pick-up location that is out of collection coverage, or the parcel is out of packing standard (being too large or not complying security and packing standard as stipulated in precious section). In addition, HT Delivery has the right to refuse any order/user from entering our system.

Once the frozen products have been taken out from freezer and packed, while waiting for arrival of pick-up service. It is sender responsibility to ensure the products must be fully frozen (hard and solid) during the moment of pick-up. Hence, it is advisable not to let the products stay out of freezer for more than 30 minutes before the pick-up driver arriving. HT Delivery reserves the right to refuse sender’s damage claim if such practice is not fully followed.