Track & Trace Your Parcels Delivery Status

Please key-in HT Delivery tracking order number (not the seller box number), you can get it from your seller. For security purpose, you are required to verify your identity with phone number that you register with seller.

请输入和泰运输的追踪号码 (不是商家的箱子号码),您可以从商家获取您的追踪号码。为了安全起见,也请您输入在商家购买时注册的电话号码。


In this critical Covid 19 pandemic period, to further safeguard everyone,  HT Delivery is implementing the following control:

1. DO NOT ACCEPT any box with size larger than L size box

2. UNABLE TO ACCEPT any cash on delivery (COD)

3. Specific delivery timing request,

4. Minimizing infection risk, driver will only deliver up to doorstep of receiver (gate, security guard house, lobby, entrance of building) but not inside the house, no close contact with receiver, social distancing will be implemented at all time.

Our delivery is from 8 am to 8 pm. If any box/parcel that is not able to deliver after 8 pm, the box/parcel will be resent the next working day or return to seller. The above practice will continue until further notice. We hope for your understanding and cooperation.



1。 不收超过L箱尺寸的箱子(冷冻及干货)


3。 不接受任何特定时间派送

4。 为了减低交叉感染风险, 司机只把箱子放在家外面(篱笆门外,保安厅,大堂,出入口等等),不 会放进屋子里,或跟顾客有任何近距离接触。

我们送货的时间是 8am - 8pm。 如有货当天来不及送到,我们将安排隔天工作日派送或退回商家。